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"We are happy to recommend him for any system development or project management assignments."
Tony Blundell, Owner/President
Access Equipment & Financing, LLC
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The eLIANT approach to serving clients relies heavily on partnering with independent IT contractors. If you have your own consulting business, or are otherwise willing to provide contract services on a part-time basis, we want to talk to you.

We have a small cadre of IT professionals already lined up to provide service to our clients, but always want to have agents available for additional work.

eLIANT prides itself in its ability to service all areas of  IT. Our clients will benefit most if our agents have experience in a variety of industries and office settings. With this in mind, we encourage you to send a resume. And unlike most resumes, we want as much detail as possible: include every programming language, platform, class taken or taught, sales experience, or consulting effort. Include every technical skill you've learned over the years, even if it wasn't part of your job description. If you prefer, send your existing resume, but attach an exhaustive keyword list.
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