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"As trustees we couldn't ask for a more reliable, dedicated, easy to work with website provider than eLIANT Technology Services."
Tom Mercer, Trustee, Concord Township
Concord Township, Ohio
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Small, growing business

The IT needs of new and very small businesses are usually met by the proprietor, or one of the employees (who was hired to do something else), or the business owner "knows a guy who does computers." But as a business grows, this approach becomes inadequate. The volume of work grows, or the skills needed become too great. However, there's not enough work for another full-time employee, or it is nearly impossible to find someone with the right combination of skills at a reasonable cost.

Enter eLIANT  as an interim solution. Multiple people with multiple sets of skills - the right person comes in depending on your needs that day or that week. We're there when you need us, and we leave when we're done. We provide all the services of a large IT staff, but without the overhead.

Business with small IT staff

When you run a small IT department, any spike in demand can put tremendous pressure on you to get everything done in a timely fashion. You need some more hands, but you know the demand will return to normal soon, and you don't want to hire someone just to have to let them go when the spike is past.

eLIANT is the perfect solution - a variety of skills, and flexible availability.

Whatever your needs, contact eLIANT to see how we can help.